NewNet Nimblevox Messaging VoltDelta


Your current platform seems to be performing, but there is concern that performance may not be where it should be.  Or, you suspect that there might be an opportunity to add to your infrastructure to reduce churn and increase revenue.

NewNet’s OpsTune program delivers empirical evidence utilizing evaluation and testing combined with benchmark knowledge gained from over 80 mobile operator and carrier installations.   A NewNet technical team will evaluate your specific environment with a process that includes:

System Health Check & Analysis

  • System log check, check of alarm, trouble reports.
  • Hardware verification and memory usage.

Network Performance Management 

  • Analyzing the configuration including relevant integration point
  • Review dimensioning thresholds, utilizations, alarming and capacity monitoring

The result is a detailed report, identifying areas for improvement as well as current strengths.   The NewNet team can then work to optimize performance, delivering results that best utilize existing infrastructure as well as adding new components when necessary.