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Make Video Calls, Chat with Friends, Share Pictures and Videos

Voice (VoWiFi) and Video over WiFi (ViWiFi) allows users to take advantage of their home wireless network or a local WiFi connection to make a call or exchange a video. VoWiFi users can seamlessly move from WiFi to a cellular network without having to download an app or use another phone number as you might have to with an OTT application.

VoWiFi and ViWiFi offer a number of benefits for user and operators

    • Max Bars of Coverage – Better connectivity, especially for those in areas where cell service is inconsistent
    • Roam Like Home – Cost savings may be realized by users over circuit switched networks, especially when traveling.
    • Improved Customer Service – Better connectivity means improved subscriber loyalty and may also reduce customer service calls
    • Operator Efficiency – Allows extension of service beyond building towers,and reduces the need to install femtocells in homes that suffer from poorcellular coverage
    • New revenue – Operators can provide a downloadable app for non-subscribers to bill on a local pre-paid plan rather than roaming with their non-Wifi enabled carrier.
    • Availability – WiFi access points are proliferating well beyond the home. Wifi is in more public places and is expanding into airplanes and cars.


KryptonConnect allows mobile operators to support Voice and Video over Wifi with or without an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Krypton works with compatible VoWiFi clients that may be native to the mobile device or downloaded.

Krypton Platform

  • IP Voice & Video Call (including IR.74/IR.84 for video share support)
  • File Transfer Buffering, Pause and Resume
  • File Transfer Store & Forward (for offline users)
  • Anti-virus Scanning
  • Integrates with circuit switched voice networks via SIP gateways

VoWiFi Client

  • Uses a native VoWiFi client or downloadable client
  • No app to be started by user, runs as service in the background
  • Telephone number (MSISDN) used as identifier
  • Handover to 3G/4G data network when leaving WiFi without call dropping.
  • Service requires a WiFi connection or UMTS/HSDPA connection. (Configurable by operator)