NewNet Nimblevox Messaging VoltDelta


SMS Platform Solution

Lithium is an innovative, modular Short Message Service Center (SMSC), designed to overcome the obstacles of legacy SMS infrastructures. Lithium allows operators to deploy advanced messaging services to increase revenues and reduce CAPEX/OPEX.

SMS Benefits Include:

  • Convert to IP – Transition to SIP-based SMS delivery as defined in the 3GPP standard for LTE networks, without expensive network replacement
  • First Delivery Attempt – Only stores the message if not immediately delivered, reducing store and forward load and license requirements.
  • A2P, P2A and M2M – Scale for message surges and identify each form of traffic for QoS, billing and statistical intelligence
  • Scalability – Reliably deliver messages for any traffic volume, with systems delivering well over 50,000 SM/s with N+N redundancy.
  • Intelligent load balancing – Based on dynamic and semi-static states of the platform & SMS traffic rates per second
  • Security – Rules-based filtering and advanced anti-spoofing features virtually eliminates the delivery of unwanted messages to subscribers.
  • Real-time Reporting – Over 300 parameters per message are available via scheduled emails of packaged reports or within a web-based graphical user interface
  • Flexible Billing – Fully configurable including legacy formats and prepaid SMS billing such as CAMEL and DIAMETER.

MMS Platform Solution

Mercury is a Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC), optimized to create, deliver and track multimedia content and consumption on any device over any delivery channel.

Mercury enables mobile operators to launch multimedia services across their subscriber base with speed and intelligence, including: mobile advertising, streaming media services, and premium content subscription services.

MMS benefits include:

  • Complete MMSC Services – MM1 (subscriber), MM3 (SMSC/email), MM4 (between MMSC’s), MM7 (Applications)
  • Scalability – Support under 1 million subscribers with efficient scalability for over 20 million
  • Optimize the Subscriber Experience – Transcoding for a wide variety of image, audio and video formats
  • Bulk MMS Distribution – Pre-transcodes the same message sent to many for speed and license savings
  • Self-Service MMS Campaigns – Use available MMS templates and a content catalogue to allow subscribers to quickly create MMS messages, schedule and control campaigns, and derive statistical information with reporting at very low operational costs.
  • Performance Management – QoS enforcement with customizable queues and capacity management
  • Subscriber Management – Contains subscriber profiles for privacy, preferences and opt-out details.
  • Flexible Billing -Online charging for A2P and P2P and Diameter billing for prepaid

Bridge Between Circuit Switched and IP Networks

NewNet’s IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW) manages the origination and termination of SMS messages between circuit-switched and IP-based networks. This 3GPP-compliant software allows mobile operators to extend the life of their legacy SMS platforms by supporting IP networks without completely replacing their existing 2G/3G SMS platform.

Key benefits include:

  • Determines the end subscriber’s network (circuit or packet), and terminates the SMS message.
  • Transports IP-based messages to the appropriate SMSC or MMSC platform
  • Transports circuit-switched messages to the correct call session control function (CSCF)
  • Supports SMS and MMS interworking with IP-based messaging on a single platform
  • Simplifies network migration

Security and Spamming

NewNet’s SMS Firewall enables operators to respond immediately to new threats via the use of an innovative rule-based screening and filtering engine. The SMS Firewall supports advanced filtering and blocking to prevent unwanted SMS messages.

  • Rules-based screening engine with all SMS fields as conditions with field modifications.
  • SMS mobile-originated (MO) screening (SS7) identifies where spamming originates
  • SMS mobile-terminated (MT) screening (SS7) from foreign SMSCs from applications or SMSCs towards public land mobile network (mobile station).
  • Anti-spoofing detection.
  • Fake SMS detection.
  • GT scanning detection.
  • Advanced screening and detection mechanisms such as content filtering, anti-flooding and pattern detection.
  • Fully configurable logging of all message details, suspect messages and blocked messages.