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Lithium IPSM Gateway

The Lithium IP Short Message (IPSM) Gateway enables messaging between 2G/3G networks and LTE /IP networks. Mobile Operators and Telecommunication providers can more easily transition portions of their network to IP, leverage previous investment in messaging platforms and maximize cost savings for transport via IPSM Gateway’s options for circuit switched and IP messaging domains.

Key Benefits:

  • Extend Legacy Investments – Continue to utilize existing SMSC’s while supporting a growing population of subscribers on an IP communications infrastructure.
  • Vendor Independence – Consolidate circuit to packet switched messaging for subscribers from multi-vendor SMS platforms
  • Transport & Service Level Interworking – Support SMS from circuit switched to IP with enhanced services via SIP Pager Mode, SIP long message mode and 1:n group chat using session-based SIP communications.

Integrate Circuit Switched and LTE/IMS Networks

  • Leverage Existing Messaging Platforms – The IPSM Gateway receives SIP messages from the LTE/IMS network, extracts MAP, constructs a normal MOFWDSM, and transmits to the appropriate SMSC in the legacy network.
  • Gateway Consolidation – Supports SMS and MMS interworking with IP-based messaging on a single platform.
  • Transport and Service Level Interworking – Forwards a MAP message to the IMS domain, and translate to IM text for Service level in Circuit Switched domain.
  • Subscriber Database Integration – Supports Home Location Register (HLR-2G/3G), & Home Subscriber Server (HSS-4G) database queries.
  • Message Billing – MSC address customization makes it easy for operators to bill IMS originated messages using the same home network billing rates as legacy messages.

Road to Rich Communication Services

GSMA’s Rich Communications Services (RCS) standards define a range of multimedia and presence aware IP messaging solutions based on IMS (IP Messaging System). The Lithium IPSM Gateway allows operators to cost effectively empower subscribers with enhanced RCS services using existing platforms without the complexity of downloadable client software.

The Lithium IPSM Gateway ensures messages are efficiently processed between circuit switched and IP networks to deliver new services requiring multimedia, presence awareness, and more.