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Cobalt SMS Text Messaging Service

Cobalt is a Short Message System Center (SMSC) software solution for 2G CDMA and iDEN networks.   Cobalt supports all required parameters, operations and procedures for operation in GSM networks including GSM 900, 1800, 1900 and iDEN, as well as IS-41 networks including IS-136 TDMA and IS-637 CDMA.

Key Benefits include:

  • Cost-effective – Cobalt cost-effectively delivers high performance SMS messaging service for mobile operators working with 2G networks. Cobalt support for CDMA and iDEN protocols means that mobile operators can take advantage of existing network infrastructure to deliver value-added messaging.
  • Scalability – Cobalt can be scaled to support more than 10 million subscribers and over 600 message delivery attempts per second on a single node. The network interface can be scaled to support up to 512 SS7 links
  • Operational Efficiency – Includes graphical user interfaces, a self-optimizing database engine, operational measurements, and billing record generation.

Feature Examples Include:

  • Self-optimizing databases for short message archive, subscriber data, and system configuration
  • Predefined messages
  • Deferred, priority, and acknowledged delivery
  • Fixed interval and error-based message redelivery
  • Call barring (lMSI and MSISDN)
  • Classes of service with per-service billing support
  • CALEA AF support (Lawful Intercept AF support )
  • WAP support Message intercept capability Password authentication Wireless Number
  • Simultaneous support of multiple network access protocols (TDMA, CDMA, GSM, iDEN) as a gateway
  • MMS message notification support