NewNet Nimblevox Messaging VoltDelta


Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) provides the flexibility to move network functions from dedicated systems to generic servers. NFV offers the ability to consolidate disparate networking and computing equipment onto industry-standard, high-volume servers.

Key benefits include:

  • Flexibility – Deploy new services quickly without hardware constraints
  • Scalability – Scale up or down without being limited by a hardware barriers
  • Cost Savings – Off the shelf systems running standard operating systems deliver cost savings
  • Security – Provision and operate with firewalls and other systems
  • Location – Move services anywhere from staging to production, between datacenters or to a cloud model

NewNet Mobile Communication products support multiple Virtualization techniques including Solaris Zones, RHEL instances, VMware Virtual Machines and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

Mercury NFV

Mercury MMS is supported for virtualized deployments by placing Mercury MMSC functionality into a VNF. This preserves MMS service while reducing costs and footprint. At the same time an operator has the ability grow capacity when needed by simply enabling additional VNF’s.

Lithium NFV

Lithium’s SMS solution operating within a virtualized environment can further reduce footprint. Traditional deployments typically require installation of dedicated servers or rack mounted blades. Lithium deployment on NFV can further integrate various functions into VNF’s such as IP-SM Gateway, SMS Store and Lithium Firewall. Operators thus maintain the ability of preserving SMS capacity as well as flexibly adding capacity as volume grows.