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Value Added Services (VAS) Managers have a broad range of responsibilities. Increasing market share and revenues by providing new services, ensuring security, and maintaining performance of existing systems represent a few of the key areas a VAS Manager is charged with. A major challenge is achieving the right balance between time spent with ensuring a stable revenue stream from the existing systems while identifying near and longer term plans for achieving a competitive edge.

How We Help – NewNet provides a unified platform that allows VAS Managers to consolidate a diverse messaging infrastructure, as well as adding new key resources that will assist VAS Manager beyond Lithium and Mercury core platforms include:

  • IPSM Gateway – A transition from 2G/3G circuit switched networks to 4G/LTE can be challenging due to the cost for equipment upgrade. NewNet’s IPSM Gateway provides a bridge between circuit and packet switched networks, providing VAS Managers with flexibility as they schedule migration efforts, and ensuring full interconnectivity of services between networks
  • Unified Management – System consolidation is one of the greatest concerns for VAS Managers. NewNet’s Lithium (SMS) and Mercury (MMS) consolidate robust communication platforms under a single management interface. This facilitates management and control while adding to ongoing cost efficiencies.



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CTO’s within Mobile Operators are commonly concerned with Total Cost of Ownership, Security, and ability of new services to deliver bottom-line results. CTO’s rely upon their VAS Manager for day to day operations, as well as for insight for charting upgrades and service additions to reduce costs and increase bottom-line results.

How We Help – NewNet can provide CTO’s confidence as a trusted partner, with a reputation earned from years as a Mobile Messaging leader. NewNet’s integration and operational expertise emphasize for CTO’s that it’s not simply about products. The ability to quickly deploy NewNet solutions that work well within the existing environment while minimizing costs is also essential.  Key NewNet benefits include:

  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership – Lithium’s SMS and MMS platforms work to reduce costs by consolidating disparate legacy systems under a single management interface. Beyond platform features, NewNet’s software platforms are designed to maximize available computing power within the smallest footprint possible. Virtualization, NFV and cloud options are also available.
  • Security – NewNet’s SMS firewall virus protection work to increase security for operators and their customers. This is especially important in the increasing connected world CIO’s face as they expand business opportunities.



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Standing out from other operators and Over The Top (OTT) competitors  is no easy task. Marketing Managers need differentiated services for consumers and enterprise customers in order to stand-out and stay ahead.

How We Help:

  • SMS Personalized Services – NewNet’s Lithium SMS platform makes it easy for operators to add Distribution Lists, Black & White lists, parental control, forwarding, auto reply, auto signature lists, etc.
  • NewNet’s Mercury MMS platform allows businesses to create, deploy and manage their own MMS campaigns. Users can also identify if their content is being shared with ViralTrack.
  • SMS over WiFi – Expands reach and service coverage of SMS network by routing SMS messages to and from Mobile Device over IP networks such as WiFi or LTE allowing an operator to add SMS functionality to Tablets & PCs.