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In many organizations, Value Added Services (VAS) such as SMS and MMS have evolved over time, with disparate systems sourced from multiple vendors frequently in operation.   Hardware utilization tends to be diverse with a mix of older and newer messaging components that fuel a decline in operational and capital efficiency.

Transitioning to an IP infrastructure is a common catalyst for consolidation of messaging and enhanced services, as bridging to a 4G network from many different systems becomes complex and expensive.  .

How We Help – NewNet’s Lithium (SMS) and Mercury (MMS) platforms consolidate integration, management and billing within a unified vendor platform. NewNet can also add visual Voicemail and Voice to Text functionality in the same system with a unified management perspective.  This enables Mobile Operators to consolidate their VAS services within a single software and hardware platform that offers the following:

  • Standards based (3GPP, GSMA)
  • Low on Capex and Opex (x86 standard Hardware, RHEL or Solaris operating systems)
  • Virtualized by using VMware and being validated with major NFV platforms
  • Scalable from 10 TPS up to 100,000 TPS
  • Addresses existing VAS services that use Application Gateways, Multimedia Advertisements, First Delivery Attempts and Stored Messages
  • Can provide new functionality like Firewall, Personalized services, M2M and IPSMGW


Migration to LTE/IMS


Mobile Operators and Messaging Providers are rapidly moving toward an all IP infrastructure for benefits that include cost effectively converging voice and data to deliver enhanced services. However, issues such as LTE coverage and financial considerations frequently mean that existing SMSC’s and MMSC’s must be maintained along with the need to ensure messaging continuity between subscribers on circuit and packet switched networks.

How We Help – NewNet’s Lithium IPSM Gateway becomes the bridge between circuit switched and IP-based subscribers by enabling high volume SMS/MMS messaging between 2G/3G and 4G/LTE subscribers. Existing SMSC and MMSC platforms from multiple vendors are supported, enabling cost effective messaging support on the road to an all IP infrastructure.

  • 3GPP and GSMA Compliant – Ensures end user device interoperability with any 3GPP client device
  • Efficient Migration to IP – Supports messaging solutions with or without an IMS core
  • Bridge Between Subscriber Databases – Supports Home Location Register (HLR-2G/3G), & Home Subscriber Server (HSS-4G) database queries
  • Intelligent Gateway Services – Transports circuit-switched messages to the correct Call Session Control Function (CSCF)
  • Transport & Service Level Interworking – Support SMS from circuit switched to IP with enhanced services via SIP Pager Mode, SIP long message mode and 1:n group chat using session-based SIP communications (CSCF)



SECURITY icon-01

Spoofing, fraud, spam, and denial of service attacks plague mobile operator of all types, as non-billable traffic works to create frustration for subscribers as well as managers.    The interconnection of many networks compounds the security challenge as fraudsters probe for weakness or take advantage of message proliferation across links that span many providers.

How We Help

  • NewNet’s SMS Firewall provides operators with a powerful tool to protect their network and their customers from SMS spam and SMS fraud. The SMS Firewall can protect from MO spoofing, MT faking, SMS flooding and SMS spam.




The ever increasing capabilities of mobile devices as well as expectations being set by mobile phone apps and Over The Top (OTT) services are raising the bar for mobile operators.  Subscribers are expecting more than basic messaging, and are finding alternatives outside of their mobile operator’s infrastructure for these enhanced services.

Mobile operators need to deliver services that are personalized, especially for their best customers.    Creative services layered upon a messaging infrastructure works to retail existing customers as well as attract new subscribers.

How We Help:

  • NewNet’s Lithium SMS platform makes it easy for operators to add Distribution Lists, Black & White lists, parental control, forwarding, auto reply, auto signature Lists, etc.).
  • NewNet’s Mercury MMS platform allows businesses to create, deploy and manage their own MMS campaigns. Users can also identify if their content is being shared with ViralTrack.
  • IP Messaging with real-time typing indications, emoticon support, file & image transfer, offline store and forward, location sharing, video sharing, common message store, address book integration, presence, bi-directional SMS integration




Mobile Operators are seeking to reduce costs as growth from subscribers slow and margins decline due to competitive pressure.  Savings in network operations and subscriber acquisition and retention is particularly visible as targets for optimization.

How We Help

  • Hardware Utilization, Virtualization – NewNet’s platforms are high scalable using standard systems including RHEL, Solaris, and standard OEM Hardware. These platforms can be virtualized by using VMware and validated with major NFV platforms.
  • Flexible Scalability – NewNet platforms will allow the Operator to adapt the required TPS levels (upwards or downwards), based upon actual usage and traffic predictions, to optimize CAPEX and OPEX spending.
  • Subscriber Retention/Acquisition – NewNet’s Lithium and Mercury platforms add new services that will work to attract and keep subscribers. Services such as Ad insertion, and personalized services (i.e. Distribution Lists, Black & White lists, parental control, forwarding, auto reply, auto signature, etc.) contribute to a more robust ARPU.
  • Reduce Development Effort – NewNet’s Distributed 7 provides a signaling stack to make it easier for telecommunication equipment vendors to create and test products cost effectively.